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Sat 22nd Nov 2014 - 4:22am : General : Gaming

So where do I start? Basically, my real name is Seth. Im a high school, wanna be "Pro Gamer", teenager. Seeing that im in high school, you may come to conclusions that that is where I met the other admin, Dan. This would be a true statement. I would say we are great friends. Truthfully, I believe that since he has joined the band program, I felt that our friendship has more than likely grown. Him joining band was definitely a good thing for our friendship. I believe that with this website, it wont just be an organization for eSports, but it will make friends, it will make/help friendships grow, just like the band program helped ours, and I hope this can help our friendship expand. With that being said, I am a band member, and a marching band geek.. I love marching band and was truly upset when it ended... (Yes I may have cried, but dont tell anyone). I am also into the creative arts. I love designing things. Most of the logos and graphics on this site I made my self. After high school, I want to attend (probably) The AI of Pittsburgh or Las Vegas, my birth town. I want to major in game design and hopefully get a job out west at a gaming firm, and if I could somehow get into Activision, that would be great! I love Call of Duty, and everything about it (except Lag.. F DA LAGGGG.. haha). With that being said, let me tell you about that.

I play Xbox 360 and PC Minecraft. I got XBL back in 2011ish and been hooked ever since. When I first started out, my gamer tag was 'ManlyFaun0'. It wasnt until a few years later that I changed it to 'vD3v V3N0M'. It was hard to change, but it needed to be done. Now I go by V3N0M, and online, im deadly.

I play CoD the most. It is by far my favorite game. Advanced Warfare is the one I play the most, and after 2014 CoD Championships with Ghosts, I basically stopped playing competitive CoD. I transferred to GTA V and played that most of the time, until AW. Ive been in the Call of Duty eSports scene since the Black Ops II CoD Championships. With that being said I am a huge, HUGE, Team EnVyUs fan. If I had to say my top 3 favorite teams, It would be:

OpTic Gaming (Advanced Warfare Roster)
TCM (EU Team).
Also, while we are on the topic of teams, I also own and run an AM CoD team - Team vD3v Gaming (yes the same one SKe Picked up). We started vD3v back in the MW3 days. The original name was 'D3ATH 2 ALL' and the clan tag was (D32A). Once Black Ops II came out, we changed the name to 'D00MSDAY 3LITE' with the tag of (D00M). We were registered with ELITE and once we were able to get the gold clan tag, we tried to register 'D00M', but that was already taken. We tried many of the different ways of spelling 'D00M', but all were taken, even 'xD3x'. We decided that a good tag would be 'vD3v', with the V's acting as the X's. That was when 'vD3v' and 'vD3v Gaming' was born. Some accomplishments of that BOII team were:

First official AM team in the world to be a registered team on the once major competitive tournament website CGA
Won many tournaments from CGA (view our team website)
Sponsored for a short amount of time, before getting dropped for 'sponsorship financial reasons' (Basically stating in other words that they coudnt fund our needs anymore
Besides vD3v, like I said before, I love Comp. Call of Duty. I stated some of my favorite teams, but not my favorite players. Top 10 favorite players would have to be:

Proofy (ON)
CrimSix (OG)
Merk (nV)
Formal (OG)
Scumpii (OG)
Studyy (Noble)
Rambo (nV)
My positions on AW would be AR (Bal-27)/ SMG (KF5). It also just depends on the map and gamemode as well. I want to get better with a sniper but I dont have the patients for it, and my trick shots/ quick scoping skills are n00bi5h.

Thats basically my story. Dont judge me too hard, as people in my area judge gamers heavily. Hopefully you will join us to make SKe and eSports history, and we cant wait to see you and your friends with the 'SKe' tag in game!

Owner and fellow gamer, with a passion,
Seth 'V3N0M' P





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